About Us

Hi I am the Vay in Vays Beauty! My journey started some years ago when my life changed with adult acne. I suffered for 7 yrs with low self esteem, countless crying nights and thousands of dollars spent on products and doctors visits before I found something that would work for my skin. In that time I started to wear makeup to try to cover my imperfections and as time went on I started to get really good at my craft and people would request for me to do their makeup. I then went to get professionally trained and started Vays Beauty. I continued to get training as I grew as a professional MUA. As I got better at understanding the skin I started researching to make my own products for my skin and in that came the breakthrough for my clear skin. I fully live by saying beauty is not only skin deep and I want to help people to tap into their inner beauty while working on their outer!

I want you to Be PURELY You! You are worthy and you & your skin matters!